Standard PC Cables

Standard PC Cables

Standard computer cables are just one of our many offerings. DataCable Technologies offers a wide range of standard Serial, Parallel, Video, Mouse, Keyboard and Internal Ribbon cables at unbeatable prices. Just call our sales team and we will provide you with any of the following high-quality standard computer cables:

  • Parallel Printer Cables
  • Bi-Directional Parallel Printer Cables
  • IEEE 1284 Parallel Cables
  • Centronics Cables
  • LapLink Cables
  • AT Modem Cables (DB9/DB25)
  • XT Modem Cables (DB25/DB25)
  • RS232 25C Serial Cables – Straight Thru
  • Null Modem Cables – DB25, DB9
  • Serial Printer / Laser Printer / Plotter Cables
  • Super Shielded VGA Monitor Cables
  • Monochrome Monitor
  • Monitor Extension Cords
  • VGA Splitter Cable HDB15 (1M/2F)
  • BNC to BNC RGB Monitor Cables
  • Miscellaneous Monitor Cables
  • AT Keyboard Cables
  • Serial Mouse Cables
  • PS/2 Keyboard & Mouse Cables
  • Mouse Extension
  • PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse Splitter
  • BusMouse Cables
  • Ribbon Cables
  • Power Cords

From Firewire cables to Printer cables, we have what you need.

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive selection at the most competitive prices. Don’t see what you are looking for listed above? Contact DataCable Tech today!

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Firewire Cables
Cables for firewire connectivity
IDE Cables
Internal computer peripheral cables
SATA Cables
Internal computer peripheral cables
Printer Cables
Printer connectivity cables in various lengths
KVM Switches and Cables
Keyboard Video Mouse