Data Cable Technologies can be your source for all your SCSI Cables, Adapters and Terminators. We have a wide selection of standard and hard to find SCSI cables. Whether you need internal or external SCSI cables, we can help.   Please contact us for any of the following:

Standard Cables for Popular Applications!

  • 50 Position Centronics shielded M/M SCSI-1 Cable
  • 50 Position D-Sub M/M SCSI-1 Cable
  • 50 Position Unshielded Ribbon SCSI-1 F/F
  • 50 Position Centronics to 50 Position D-Sub SCSI M/M
  • 50 Position Centronics to DB25 D-Sub M/M, IBM Style
  • 50 Position Centronics to DB25 D-Sub M/M, APPLE Style
  • 50 Position Micro D M/M SCSI-II
  • 68 Position Micro-D M/M SCSI-III
  • Ultra SCSI Cables
  • SCSI High Density 68 Pin Internal Ribbon Cables
  • Apple SCSI Cables
  • IBM PC & Compatible Cables
  • IBM Workstation Cables
  • SCSI Cable Adapters
  • SCSI 1, 2 & 3 Internal / External Terminators

If you don’t see the SCSI Cables, Adapters and Terminators you need listed above, contact us today! We are happy to find and provide you the SCSI cables you are looking for.

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